Complaints / Suggestions

We appreciate your complaint or suggestion

We are strict with inconvenient behaviors, but we are also grateful with any suggestions adding value to our business, the welfare of our people and the community in general. We are strict in case of inappropriate conduct, but we are also grateful for any suggestions that add value to the business, the well-being of our people, and the community in general.


That’s why we appreciate your suggestions and we are grateful for the courage it takes to complain about any doubtful and/or unacceptable conduct, and also any fact endangering the safety of the food we produce. A special Committee will receive the form and will be responsible to follow the case in due time and course. You may trust we will look for an adequate response in order to solve any situation proposed.

Your identity shall be preserved and kept confidential. We guarantee discretion about any data provided.

Get to know our guidelines for ethical behavior:

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