We are an agroindustrial company mainly dedicated to the production and marketing of fresh lemon and its industrial byproducts. We have a leading position in the citrus industry of Argentina, with market shares of 10% of the total in Argentina.

Argenti Lemon was founded in 1997 by traditional citrus fruit growers, who, making use of their knowledge and using their competitive advantages of the region, quickly led the company to be one of the most modern in the world of the lemon agroindustry. We achieve to be a company with the highest growth rate in citrus production in the country and with innovations that demonstrate their commitment to sustainable development.

Our human capital, our customers and communities are most important to us and we seek to build relationships of trust grounded on values that drive our daily actions, with a strong focus on developing long-term relationships.


We produce and sell fresh fruit, concentrated juice, dehydrated peel, lemon essential oil and its by-products, with high international quality standards and meeting the needs of our customers.

    In addition to conventional products, we offer special products and an excellent customer service, taking into account any innovations our customers propose about the market products.
    We provide a wide range of fresh and industrial products, internationally recognized for their quality and safety. They are marketed in Argentina, Brazil, European Union, Central Europe, Russia, the Balkans, the Middle East, Asia, USA, Canada, among others.
    It is one of the most modern in the world of lemon agroindustry and one with the highest growth rate in its line of business in the country. The excellent human and professional capital has been its engine through the application of knowledge and innovation.
    From the moment a client place an order until the arrival of the product to the final consumer, we control our processes in their different stages of cultivation, industrialization and marketing, in strict compliance with the quality standards required by the national and international markets for all productive development.


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