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“For 25 years we have built a name, forged a reputation and shaped a culture as a company”.

Argenti Lemon was born from a personal dream and the union of a whole family, and it was consolidated on the basis of the common effort of thousands of people who have been living and doing a certain way since 1997.

First and second generation are complementary to bring safe and quality products to the world, based on the values of a founder who is deeply cherished and respected by all: Alvaro Bulacio Argenti. Achieving over the years this productive chain that invests and employs more than 3,000 people each season, is an act of courage and also of faith. But it is by no means a solitary act. Alvaro has always been accompanied by Viviana Lebron, co-founder and wife. Also, a management team deserves all the recognition. Argenti’s Board of Directors and executives knew how to coordinate the knowledge and effort of thousands of people under uncertain and complex conditions.

We are an integrated industry with exports to more than 30 countries while we also intend to be close to every customer, supplier, communitys, family and worker, either permanent and temporary.

We admit it: During these almost 25 years, we were never very “expressive”, we were confident our actions showed just what was necessary. But along the way we learned that better communication is possible: we find ourselves in a hyper-connected world requiring, more than ever, effective dialogue to nurture relationships. We realized how much we can share -both inside and outside the organization- and that there are channels to do so in a professional and organized way.

We took action. We started a transformation process from communication. Transformation of the way of doing, because the feeling already existed. We decided that our brand had to be up to the task, it had to be updated as technologies and processes are. We changed the perspective: we concluded that “saying it’s okay” and that the stories we weaved together deserve to be told. This is how 2020 arrived with the pandemic. Double challenge. However, leaving aside the transformation plan was not an option for the new Argenti that was emerging. Updating was also an issue in the tough adaptation agenda that was proposed to us at the beginning of the third decade of the millennium. Insight and continuous advice. We were aware of our standing and our starting point, but at that time, we were not very clear about our direction.

“Argenti is closer and it is not indifferent to the treatment, the development and the care for people, Just the opposite: they are a priority.” That was the phrase that, in one way or another, was repeated during the diagnosis.

As a result of research, with our people and external parties, we were able to identify and put into words the pillars of Argenti today. These pillars had, in many cases, taken place naturally in the daily activities of the company. This time the challenge was to get organized, to learn to communicate more and better as the 2020/2021 campaigns went on. We didn’t take too long to realize that communicating would also become a key pillar:

  • Accompanying and taking action to improve the reality of our community, either economically, professionally and psycho-socially. It is a permanent task within the. framework of formal programs.
  • Ensuring and developing sustainable circuits of care and preservation of the environment with concrete and measurable actions. This is a commitment and a daily challenge.
  • Playing clean at all levels is a duty, and as such, it is non-negotiable.
  • Returning home healthy and ensuring the source of work is a priority.
  • And finally, communicating is the way to link paths and we keep discovering it… Discovering because we give space, and giving space is calling for movement. A Tetris.

This was the empirical basis to work on the new brand identity and the collective creation of 3 cultural principles in Argenti Lemon :

  1. Above all, we are people
  2. Our commitment is from the root
  3. We play clean

It was deep work to find that identity evoking our past, representing our present and envisioning our future. We got immersed in an intense search, from the very inside of our culture to discover the cultural principles that guide our actions and put them into words; finally, we simplified all these concepts into a slogan that sounds as good as suitable for us: OUR VALUE. OUR BEST.

It has been 3 years of encouraging, talking and listening more than ever. We listen to everyone. And here we are today. We are certain about this: Argenti is built by all of us from the very beginning, being as united as solid: Staying close. Argenti is always close, and “when Argenti is close, good things happen”, people say…

Today, we continue this process of collective construction, discovering new paths and having the absolute clear idea that whenever we knock at one door, some others open. And there we are, ready to continue giving -and receiving- to create together.

In the year of our 25th anniversary we reaffirm our commitment to give our best. We continue implementing the new brand identity. We have launched a new website and we will continue investing in the Argent model we want to be while we move forward with the process of cultural transformation that has already begun.

We thank each and everyone of the people who work for a better and increasingly closer Argenti; all those people interviewed and surveyed; customers and suppliers who dedicated their valuable time and who, with absolute sincerity, contributed to this process; the team of women working as external advisors: with their determination, affection and perseverance they could show the way, encouraged us and became immersed in the day-to-day running of the company. We hope everyone finds their contributions reflected in the result of this work.

We welcome you to Argenti today, to the way we are and do, staying together, convinced a better world is possible. And remember, stay close, because when Argenti is close, good things happen.




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