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Every June 5th we celebrate the World Day of the Environment, directed by the UNEP -United Nations Environment Programme. This date, it becomes the largest world platform for the environmental communication; and millions of people celebrate it all around the planet.

In Argenti Lemon we joined as well, and on June 5th, 2022, we launched for the first time the Environment Week, hosted by the areas of Corporate Social Responsibility -CSR- and Safety and Health and Quality.

We proposed 3 objectives:

  1. On the one hand ,the need to “deal” with the issue, speak out this special date and make this problem visible.
  2. At the same time, we believe that knowledge and awareness must be turned into action; that is why we decided to ignite the sustainable side of our Argenti people.
  3. Undoubtedly, this week meant a great opportunity to spread the word about the ongoing programmes in the company and also, to raise environmental awareness.

On June 12th, we finished the Environment Week fully satisfied, and with the learning of quite valuable concepts to keep on growing in future editions.

It was really a pride and a joy, because the Argenti Lemon family joined this celebration. We could finally ignite our sustainable side. Now, our challenge is to continue working to keep it on!

This is a summary of our experience:


We invited our employees to collect recyclable items at home and bring them at the end of the week to be exchanged for seedlings. We have collected 12 bins full of plastic, paper and cardboard! In total, 261 people have exchanged their recyclable items and happily took their seedlings. Besides, they took part to get the award and visit a Farm to have lunch there with their family.
More than 20 people from different teams have worked to make this possible.

Hands-On Contest

Corporate Social Responsibilty organized a conest to reuse pallets on the farms: 7 groups from different farms set their handsto create objects such as tables, chairs, armchairs, shelves and closets. This activity, started during 2021, and ended with a contest on Facebook. We recorded a video with each team, describing the experience and showing by the example how pallets may be reused and given a new useful life. About 3,400 people have voted on this social network, where hundreds of encouraging messages were posted, filled with respect and admiration for the work done.

The winner was Team 6 Finca El Cajón with 1190 Likes with a really tight result: Finca La Ramada obtained 1187 votes. It was incredible to witness the achievements and the passion in the 7 teams. It also deserves a special mention Julio Fuensalida, the person in charge of this project, from CSR.

Protected Productive Landscape Program

This year, Argenti Lemon decided to take a step ahead and join the Protected Productive Landscape Program of Fundación ProYungas. . This Environment Week was the perfect context to launch this Program in-company and externally.

Clean Production Circuit

Since the beginning and guided by the clear vision -and also unique for the time- of our founder Alvaro Bulacio, we designed the liquid recovery circuit from industrial processes, and we made it from a sustainable approach: we do not deliver any effluents or waste into the environment, we do not pollute water of the rivers. Everything that can be recycled, is recycled. Everything that can be reused, is reused.

Finally, we share with all our collaborators a video on Clean Production Cycle; where it is shown how our Company complies with its own engament to the environment, and consequently, to the community from its origin.


Definitely, all the actions we carried out during this Environment Week, are our duty, and they honor our organizational principles: ABOVE ALL, WE ARE PEOPLE; OUR COMMITMENT IS FROM THE ROOT, and WE PLAY FAIR. It’s a fact: This would never be possible without the engagement of the team making Argenti Lemon daily.

Let’s go on, giving Our Value, Our Best. Always.


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