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The operation in Argenti Lemon takes place in an interlinked process through Internal Logistics. We could imagine this concept as follows: the Field/Farms, Packing, Industria Leocadio, Dryer, Tax Deposits and Port Terminals are the gears, and Internal Logistics is the chain linking them and making them turn jointly. Our mission is to supply inputs and raw materials into the processes so that all finished products (lemon pallets, juice, oil, dehydrated peel) may arrive in due time in different destinations previously defined by Export Logistics to be consolidated and/or finally dispatched. (Rosario, Campana, Zarate, Bs.As., San Juan).

Our process begins with the supply of empty bins to all Argenti farms, distributed throughout the province of Tucumán, then it continues with the transport of fresh fruit harvested on our farms up to the Packing or the Industry. The unselected fresh fruit at the packing for export is taken to Industria Leocadio, where the wet peel is obtained, and later carried in tipper trucks to our Dryer.

This continuous process implies an overall coordination with all the productive areas, as well as good care and regulation of the operation so that all the gears keep turning. Failure in any of them may affect the entire process. And precisely, that is Internal Logistics! Its goal is not only to supply, but also to support and reorganize in relation to the needs of the changing paces. We are like the chain adding or removing links to keep the whole gear operation turning.

The area is also responsible for all purchases, contracting services and preserving our stocked supplies for all productive and non-productive areas in Argenti. Our suppliers come from domestic origins, such as Tucumán, Buenos Aires, Neuquén, Mendoza, Río Negro, Córdoba, Santa Fe, Salta, etc.), and also worldwide.

In order to achieve all of the above, we work with the following:

  • 30 trucks for harvesting and discarding from Packing to Industry. Among these, box trucks for bulk fruit and flat-bed trucks to carry bins.
  • 10 tipper trucks to transport peel and organic waste.
  • 3 tanker trucks to irrigate using the liquid generated in Industria Leocadio.
  • 4 Java of up to 50 tons.
  • Several long-distance carriers, approximately 20 working permanently, implying 50/70 trucks weekly. Besides, there are some spot jobs.

To estimate the operation, Internal Logistics coordinates an average of 112 daily trips during the season.

This 2021 in particular, due to domestic and global issues, there were great problems added to those difficulties that are proper to the activity. Among them, we can name the inflationary economic situation of the country, the pandemic, problems with shipping lines and the uncertainty in the world market of lemon.

The operation required to become immediately adapted to the changing needs that arose daily.

Thanks to a professional team that showed its strengths -flexibility, adaptation, responsibility and full commitment- the gears kept on turning jointly.

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