Engaged with the Human Rights of Children and Youth.

Argenti Lemon
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Argenti Lemon is a Company engaged with the Human Rights of Children and Youth. And it is not just words. We take action by means of different programs of Social Responsibility and Human Resources, which promote factors to protect the childhood and youth stages of our collaborators’ children.

  • In Argenti, no children or young people work; in any area or any farm in the whole Company.
  • We have cutting-edge technology for the access control and security of our people. Through biometric recognition we control access and exit of both, our personnel and third parties in our industrial plants and farms. Thus, we may control their working time, prevent entrance to any minors, and ensure that all contractors comply with regulations and legal requirements for their crews.
  • We carry out Programs to guide and give contention to young people undergoing controverted consumption.
  • We also follow Programs for Healthy Food during early childhood. We deliver milk for our collaborators’ children until they are 8 years old; we provide seeds to make their own healthy gardens, together with Workshops about healthy food given in communities, so that they may share this knowledge at home.
  • Every child of any of our collaborators receives contention by many of our Programs that deal with hard issues, such as disability, education, school dropout, to name some.
  • We promote recreational activities related to art in order to be shared with the family: “Pintando Patria” (Painting Our Nation), “Navidades Familiares” (Family Christmas), etc.
  • We accompany every birth with useful gifts for the babies’ care.
  • The CSR area is attending a course of IT “Conceptual Approaches”, Unprotected Child and Youth Labor Held by COPRETI Tucumán, a Province Commission to Prevent and Erradicate Child Labor.

If childhood and youth are protected, a life project is guaranteed for a more humanized future. In Argenti, Above All, We Are People, families, children, young people…. We know that is the base for a better future.

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