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In these 25 years of our history, how many crises have we undergone? How many storms have we survived?

This is the third campaign since 2020, when the Covid-19 pandemic caused a revolution and ever since we have been forced to act in an efficient way to remain on our feet. Now, 2022 finds the world in a turmoil once more: the war between 2 countries representing 25% of our fresh fruit exports Russia and Ukraine are home to our customers, people we appreciate and are our friends; however, this year we cannot be useful as we have always been. In order to add a third ingredient to this context, the shortage of available sea freights is still threatening international trade. Undoubtedly, this current situation does not affect exclusively citrus activity, but it rather challenges all the sectors.

According to a traditional phrase, we know what to do when life gives us lemons… And our way to tackle things is always with courage, moderation and optimism. Even today, with a new image, and a profile more open to communication. We are a company with a long history and in a few seconds we could make a list of a dozen crises we could overcome. Although this situation is not to celebrate, for us this is a challenging context to give our best, once again.

We share some data about how we are coping with this campaign:

  • The lemon harvest in northern Argentina has started late. We officially opened the 2022 campaign on April 11.
  • During this season we will be employing more than 1,800 people for the harvest. Our challenge is making the necessary crews in time in order to achieve the timing needed.
  • We estimate a production of 150,000 tons of fruit.
  • Global shipping was starting to recover from the chaos and delays caused by the pandemic in 2020 and 2021. But now port congestion and backlogs are back due to China’s recent Covid lockdown. Nearly 20% of the world’s container ships are waiting outside congested ports.
  • The costs of inputs, agrochemical products, fertilizers and even gas and oil have increased considerably; and the supply of the latter is uncertain.
  • Adverse effects are expected to impact the results of lemon industry in general.
  • We remain on alert and we are really well prepared to reactivate or toughen processes in view of the new Covid threats. Protocols have been observed since the start of the pandemic and our people are aware and trained .

This website is a new channel to keep in touch. We welcome YOU. Perhaps this is not in the best of the scenarios, but we offer full transparency and we are confident we will continue to be compliant with our people, suppliers and customers as we have been since 1997.

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