programs and actions

Together We Can

We believe that a better future is possible.

We work with NGOs, Foundations and Networks jointly hoping to generate transformative and impactful social changes.

As a company, we commit ourselves to collaborate and accompany the actions of those Institutions sharing our values. The work each of them carry out is invaluable for our community; so our contribution is a way of expressing our appreciation and recognition.

The Institutions we work with are the following:

- Congregación Rogacionista.
- Fundación Apoyar.
- Fundación León.
- Banco de alimentos.
- Red de empresas contra el Trabajo infantil-Conaeti- Copreti
- Consorcio público metropolitano - Girsu.
- Bomberos Banda del Río Salí.
- Instituto Nacional de Tecnología
- Agropecuaria - Programa Prohuertas.
- Observatorio de la Mujer.
- Cooperativa Generar
- Fundación PRO-Yungas