It is our commitment to provide quality products to our customers complying with both regulatory and legal requirements and meeting the needs and expectations of each one of them.

For this, we control all our processes in strict compliance with the most demanding international quality and safety standards, and work on continuous improvement of our processes and products.

  • GLOBALG.A.P: its main objective is to achieve a productive and competitive agriculture using the resources in the most efficient way possible to ensure minimal environmental impact.
  • HACCP Codex Alimentarius (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points): its main objective is to ensure food safety in the production process.
  • Global Standard for Food Safety (ex BRC): it is a standard which requires the adoption of HACCP. Also to maintain a documented system of quality management, implement the infrastructure in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards, and to have a product, process and
  • Sedex: aims to promote improvements in business practices regarding ethical and social responsibility of supply chains. Its areas of interest are: Legal Standards, Occupational Risk Prevention, Environment and Professional Ethics.
  • SGF: it is a voluntary system which aims to ensure the authenticity of fruit juices and compliance with legal and industrial quality standards and international food security.
  • ALL LEMON ­- TESTED AND CERTIFIED FOR EXPORT: Argentine quality seal, which audits and certifies the quality of exported lemons of the main 15 producers and packers of the Northwest region.
  • Organic NOP + SUE: sustainable  agricultural and/or agro industrial production system, promoting the management of natural resources, without the use of synthetic chemical products and allowing maintaining or increasing fertility resource, biotic activity and biological diversity.
  • KOSHER: food quality control system according to Jewish standards, ensuring that it is appropriate according to biblical and Talmudic rules of Jewish Law.
  • HALAL: quality control system to qualify food as lawful or authorized for consumption according to the prerogatives emanating from Islamic doctrine. It is rooted on precepts contemplating aspects of hygiene and sanitation.