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A safe day, will surely will be a great day

El objetivo de cualquier entrenamiento de seguridad laboral es dotar al empleado de conocimiento suficiente para identificar, analizar y entender los riesgos presentes en el ambiente de trabajo y las medidas preventivas que deberá adoptar.  El objetivo para Argenti es claro, queremos que todos lleguen a trabajar y vuelvan a sus hogares cada día sanos y seguros.

For this reason, from the Hygiene and Safety area, we reach all our collaborators with training on various topics, according to the risks they face in their daily work. Each year we schedule approximately 60 training sessions in which more than 1,200 people participate.

We make sure to cover with them all the productive areas of the company: Packaging, Industry, Drying and all the farms. Regardless of how far away they are, we come to each farm to train employees. We know that when an employee has the knowledge and is aware, he can identify the risks in the tasks he performs in his job. In addition, from the area we make sure to comply with current legislation and internal regulations on Occupational Health and Safety.

Training for Middle Management: We continuously train this important operating group of the company. Through its attitude, predisposition and involvement in the care of the staff they are in charge of may identify unsafe acts and conditions and assess risks. This mission, which is part of their responsibilities, is not an additional task: it constitutes the first cultural principle of Argenti Lemon “above all, we are people” and is also key to achieving the objectives of their teams.

Training topics:

  • Leadership in H&S, Supervision and Risk Control
  • Security Observations
  • Security inspections
  • Safe Work Permit
  • Accident investigation, control and monitoring of recommended actions.

Training for permanent staff: we reinforce the principle of personal care and the environment to ensure that every employee has greater control of the risks in the execution of their tasks.

Training topics:

  • Safe driving of tractors.
  • Safe truck driving.
  • Forklift operation, lifting and movement of loads.
  • Fire prevention, suffocation practices, formation of brigades.
  • Use of agrochemicals in agricultural activities.
  • Safe Work Permits (PTS) – Risk Control.
  • Isolation, blocking and labeling in equipment repair.
  • Use of Personal Protection Elements-PPE. Importance of this practice.
  • Control and prevention of leaks of toxic gases (ammonia).
  • Hygiene and safety in harvest.

Training for Temporary Personnel: We continuously guide and communicate H&S concepts, ensuring that each worker assumes the commitment to comply with the guidelines stated in the Company H&S Policy, regardless the task they have to carry out.

Training topics:

  • Health and Safety Policy
  • Alcohol control – prevention.
  • Safe Work Forms
  • Emergency Procedures- Evacuation Drills
  • Use of PPE- Control
  • Fire Fighting Prevention- Extinguishing Practices
Emergency drills

We carry out simulated emergency situations at the company’s facilities at least once a year in each sector.

We share some images of the 2021.

Defensive driving: intended for our truck drivers.
Safe handling of Agricultural Machinery for our tractor drivers.
Forklifts driving intended to all the forklift operators in the company.
Inductions on Hygiene and safety in our three Packing, Industry and Drying Plants.
Safe handling of Agrochemicals, given to our field employees
How to act in an emergency (Accident, Fire, Ammonia leak).

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