Lemon benefits

21 October, 2016|

There are many health benefits of lemons that have been known for centuries. The most important are: lemons ‘strong antibacterial, antiviral and its immune-boosting powers. It is good at liver cleanser and, thanks to its [...]

Fruit Attaction

21 October, 2016|

Madrid Fair Fruit Attaction 2015 The International Fair of Fruit and Vegetables, FRUIT ATTRACTION will be meeting point of prepared fruits and vegetables sector, with the organization of a technical seminar on "Trends and Innovation [...]

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Argenti Lemon


2003. Agricultural Merit Award, granted by Rural Society of Tucumán.

2004. Agricultural Excellence Award for Best Fruit-Grower, granted by La Nación Newspaper.

2005. Food Quality Award, granted by Fundación ArgenINTA (National Institute of Agricultural Technology)

2014. Recognition for Sustained Commitment, awarded by Global Compact Network in Argentina.