To produce quality and safe food for the world.


Committed to growth and excellence producing food for the world, aware of social responsibility.


EXCELLENCE: We developed a management focused on excellence, based on the quality of our products, through continuous improvement of each of the applied processes.

HONESTY: We follow ethical conducts that reflect transparency, honesty and austerity in every act performed, having coherence between thinking, speaking and acting.

EQUITY: We encourage the appreciation of people regardless of individual differences, ensuring decent and equal work conditions.

COMMITMENT: We foster actions based on sustained growth, encouraging the commitment and contribution of all employees towards achieving results within a framework of mutual respect and service.

RESPONSIBILITY: We promote and support actions to integrate social responsibility to the business, promoting sustainable development.


  • We produce, pack and export fresh lemon in the province of Tucumán, Republic of Argentina.
  • We produce industrial products from lemon such as concentrated juice, dehydrated peel, essential oil and its by­­-products, as well as industrial organic products.
  • In addition, we produce, pack and export table grapes to the Cuyo region in the province of San Juan. Moreover, in Alto Valle in the province of Río Negro, we also produce pears and apples.
  • We develop a productive and competitive agriculture using resources in the most efficient way possible and with the best technology available, ensuring minimal environmental impact.
  • All our production processes are performed with high international quality standards to satisfy the needs of our customers.
  • We innovate in our production processes in pursuit of excellence of our products and the sustainability of the citrus activity.
  • We offer our clients an excellent service and attend their possible suggestions creating a long-term trust-based relationship.


Industrial 56%
Fresh Fruit 44%